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It gives me a great deal of pleasure to write you this mail and even when it might come to you as a surprise, .I hope you find  it of interest.
Let me first introduce myself.  My name is Richard  Lovward, and I am an Executive Auditor with an Auditing and Risk Management Firm, here  in   Europe ,  I should like to  use this means to ask your assistance  in moving some fund over to your country. I have in the course of my duties come in contact with a good amount of Fund that have been inactive for some years now and careful investigation proved the original depositor of the fund  died five years ago  and all attempt to reach the suppose beneficiary of the deposit were fruitless and before it is forfeited to the state I decided to move it.
It is of interest to inform you  also that I have already moved this fund out of the Establishment  and now in safe keeping with a Finance and security house,  I will  like to move it outside now.and this is were I need your your assistance.
After legal consultation, I have established  modalities for a  secured way for  a perfect transaction., but be most assured that  for your  assistance and partnership  you will get a  good percentage of the fund, it is  important  to let you know that fifty percent of  the rest will be invested over there under your management. for a negotiable  period of time and we will open a fruitful dialog very soon to that effect.
I  look forward to our working closely in practically  seeing this transaction come to a perfect end.  For effective communication , please kindly include  in your reply, your complete Names ,Address,Occupation, Age  and most especially your contact number. and I will contact you as soon as I get your reply.
I  look forward to hearing from you and  my gratitude for your Patience
Respectfully yours
Dr. Richard  Lovward

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