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APT conflicts between CDs and DVDs?


long time ago I noticed a problem in APT related to CDs and DVDs. I
tried to test this sometime but forgot about it :-( I'm not sure
whether this problem still exists in the built CD/DVDs and APT.

I downloaded a set of CDs (1-7) of Debian together with DVD 2 (because
I lacked further empty CDs). (The system does not support most DVDs, so
that I tried to provide the most important stuff on CD.)

I noticed that apt-cdrom was confused about CD2 and DVD2 and considered
both to be identical (same IDs!??). So it was not possible to install
from both at the same time. I always switched between both which was a
real nightmare since the package selection in the system upgrade did not

Probably the simplest solution is to slightly change the CD/DVD build
process by using different IDs (the number useds in
/etc/apt/sources.list by apt-cdrom) for CDs and DVDs. Maybe it would
also be useful to patch APT to support multiple copies of a source. But
I doubt that it would help if two identical CDs exist which broken
packages on it (the first CD with a broken pkg1, the second with a
broken pkg2, so that pkg1 needs to be installed from the second CD),
since APT probably checks only the Packages file.


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