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Re: Debian ISOs

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Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le jeudi 17 août 2006 à 11:48 -0400, Anthony L. Bryan a écrit :
> Given that downloads like Debian ISOs are already putting a heavy
> bandwidth load on the servers and that they are already shared among
> many servers, I don't think it is a good idea to encourage users to load
> several servers at once with one download. We should instead push
> bittorrent as the main distribution media for ISOs.

 I don't think you got the picture. Metalink can contain information for
download using the following protocols:
 *) http
 *) ftp
 *) bittorrent
 *) e2k

Also, magnet url's can be included. What protocol is used to download
the files, remains to users choice. IMHO, either if you use metalinks or
not, the user can still choose to use http/ftp/torrent/e2k/ without you
to approve that.
 The main advantage in using metalinks is that all information about
downloading files using different protocols are included in _one file_
and the user has to choose which one to use.
 And related to mirrors. What's the purpose of the mirrors ? To reduce
the load on the main servers and to help in better distribution files.
Agree ? Let's see now. What does metalink does ? Permit the use of _all
mirrors_ and better, permit the average Joe to download the images
faster. How do you know that the bittorrent is the logical choice ? Just
becase the protocol is great for distributing large files ? How do you
known that some area of China (for example) does not use e2k as their
primary download protocol ? Just think that in this moment, metalink
provides the user the most complete information for downloading a file.
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