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RE: Debian ISOs

> Le jeudi 17 août 2006 à 11:48 -0400, Anthony L. Bryan a écrit :
> > Metalinks might be helpful on Debian's download page for 
> CD/DVD images. You
> > could have a single quick link to your ISOs that contains all the
> > mirror/p2p/checksum info in it.
> > 
> > Metalinks, a cross platform vendor neutral fortmat, are 
> used by download
> > managers & contain Mirror & p2p locations for segmented 
> downloads, along
> > with automatic checksum verification when the download 
> completes. It spreads
> > the download between multiple servers so its faster for users, more
> > reliable, & less load on any one server. Metalinks are 
> backward compatible
> > too.
> Given that downloads like Debian ISOs are already putting a heavy
> bandwidth load on the servers and that they are already shared among
> many servers, I don't think it is a good idea to encourage 
> users to load
> several servers at once with one download. We should instead push
> bittorrent as the main distribution media for ISOs.

That?s the point of Metalink. You list the bittorrent (with a higher
priority) and mirror sources (lower) so it defaults to p2p but has other
sources for backup. bittorrent isn't an option for everyone. With Metalink
you can give priority to certain servers and also make bandwidth more
efficient by limiting downloads to servers in the downloaders same country
or geographic region.

Anthony Bryan
metalink [ http://www.metalinker.org/ ]

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