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Re: Re: CDs won't boot, give a failed crc, or don't give a menu

--On March 17, 2006 8:49:17 AM -0600 Kevin Harris <kharris@olp.net> wrote:

Hi Michael,

I know this post was from some time ago, but I had the same problem and
was able to find a solution.  I found when burning ISO images
w/CDBurnerXP Pro 3 you must click the buffer underrun protection off or
it will not make the disk bootable.  Probably too little too late, but I
thought I would share this w/you.  Of course, I spent many, many hours on
this before I figured it out.

Ouch, get better software. If it even allows you to turn it off you shouldn't even use the software. If it defaults to off then it's junk software. Very few people have machines fast enough to keep up with these 11MByte/sec burners because Windows forgets about the burner and goes and uses the HDD for something else for a second, causing a buffer underrun. Linux isn't much better, even in 2.6, because it's just a single-HDD problem. they only have so much bandwidth.

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