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Re: Questions about .jigdo files

Technologies Yatzek Electros - L H U P A wrote:
The Technical Support,

We project to download Debian with JIGDO and we downloaded all of your =
official images at your website. We use i-386 and all the files to =
download in this page can be downloaded with normal Windows downloader =
system at each link. Once downloaded with Windows, what shall we do with =
these .jigdo files? All of these files are stocked in a folder on the =
harddisk (C) and we want to know how we can download Debian images with =
these short files (44k or less or more) Nothing on the computer can open =
these files! Another files types named "templates" what is this? what =
shall we do with .template files? Wich utility we can attach to these =
files? We tried to use the Jigdo downloader and we understand nothing to =
this download system. All of the tryouts were unsuccessful! This "DOS =
based gadget with command lines" abort all downloads. It is the same =
thing with these .jigdo files downloaded with Windows who the Jigdo =
downloader cannot open them from (C) for finally download the complete =
image files from your website. What shall we do? Wich technique we can =
use to download all your images to build our Debian with this JIGDO? All =
of the explanations at the Gigdo and Debian websites are not clear and =
difficult to understand!!!!!

To make this problem easier to solve:

Pick one .jigdo file  - What is the URL of the  .jigdo you want to use first?
and one OS you want to use to download (I am guessing Windows.)

Then describe the process you are using on that file and OS - what error message do you get?


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