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Questions about .jigdo files

The Technical Support,

We project to download Debian with JIGDO and we downloaded all of your =
official images at your website. We use i-386 and all the files to =
download in this page can be downloaded with normal Windows downloader =
system at each link. Once downloaded with Windows, what shall we do with =
these .jigdo files? All of these files are stocked in a folder on the =
harddisk (C) and we want to know how we can download Debian images with =
these short files (44k or less or more) Nothing on the computer can open =
these files! Another files types named "templates" what is this? what =
shall we do with .template files? Wich utility we can attach to these =
files? We tried to use the Jigdo downloader and we understand nothing to =
this download system. All of the tryouts were unsuccessful! This "DOS =
based gadget with command lines" abort all downloads. It is the same =
thing with these .jigdo files downloaded with Windows who the Jigdo =
downloader cannot open them from (C) for finally download the complete =
image files from your website. What shall we do? Wich technique we can =
use to download all your images to build our Debian with this JIGDO? All =
of the explanations at the Gigdo and Debian websites are not clear and =
difficult to understand!!!!!

HELP! We count on you to help us!
We count on your news!

Thank you very much!


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