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Re: Full CD contents: some things needed for desktop/laptop tasks missing

On Thursday 02 March 2006 20:56, Joey Hess wrote:
> No, gnome-desktop-environment in its entirity gets onto CD1
> (log.list2cds line 18549). Again, the Key packages in the task are all
> included, while the rest are not.

I've now also found _why_ gnome-desktop-environment is not being 
installed. aptitude lists only one broken package "pmount" if I manually 
select gnome-desktop-environment for installation.

gnome-desktop-environment -> gnome-volume-manager -> pmount -> libsysfs1

So it is again libsysfs1 that is causing the problems.

I think it may actually be d-i that is breaking things here:
Package: libsysfs2-udeb
Version: 2.0.0-4
Section: debian-installer
Priority: optional
Architecture: i386
Provides: libsysfs2

So, could it be lists2cdas is skipping libsysfs2 as it is already 
"provided" by the udeb? If this is correct, the problem will be solved 
once we get the udeb dependency issue sorted out after this release.

If that is the case lists2cd is doing its work more or less correctly and 
maybe just adding libsysfs2 to tools/generate_di+k_list could be an 
option as a short term solution.


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