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Re: Full CD contents: some things needed for desktop/laptop tasks missing

Frans Pop wrote:
> During FOSDEM I noticed that the desktop and task was not fully installed. 
> Further research showed that 
> The CD looks quite normal: the total space used for /pool is similar to 
> the full Sarge CD. But even with the removal of KDE, not all packages 
> required
> From "Desktop environment":
> - x-window-system-core, menu, twm and mozilla are installed
> - gimp, myspell-en-*, synaptic, xterm are missing

It looks to me like a lot of packages that are only incuded due to being
in popularity-contest-etch are being included on CD 1, and these
packages that are part of the tasks, but not Key in it, are not. This is
why CD1 has tetex-* on it, for example (dependency of texinfo).
> From "Gnome desktop environment" practically nothing is installed:
> - only libtheora0 is installed

No, gnome-desktop-environment in its entirity gets onto CD1
(log.list2cds line 18549). Again, the Key packages in the task are all
included, while the rest are not.

What I don't understand is why this is happening, since Debian_etch
includes first task-essential-etch, then interesting-fromcd23,
task-full-etch, and only at the end popularity-contest-etch. And yet it
seems to be including packages from popularity-contest-etch before

As far as I can tell,
/org/cdimage.debian.org/setup/tmp/i386/etch-i386/list lists the
packages in the correct order, with gnome-desktop-environment before
gimp before texinfo, so it seems that list2cds must be scrambling this
ordering somehow.

> - for gnome-desktop-environment a number of recommended packages is
>   unavailable, which is probably what causes the problem:
>   - dasher
>   - gnome-accessibility-themes
>   - gnome-mag
>   - gnopernicus
>   - gok

debian-cd does not look at Recommends; d-i does not install recommends.

> For the laptop task it looks like only libsysfs1 is missing which is 
> depended on by pcmcia-cs -> pcmciautils.

+ Trying to add pcmcia-cs...
  @dep before checklist = pcmcia-cs pcmciautils psmisc
  @dep after checklist = pcmcia-cs pcmciautils psmisc
  $cd_size = 346973580, $size = 400332
  Adding pcmcia-cs pcmciautils psmisc to CD 1 ...
pcmciautils has already been included.

+ Trying to add libsysfs1...
  @dep before checklist = libsysfs1
  @dep after checklist = libsysfs1
  $cd_size = 281692506, $size = 28524
  Adding libsysfs1 to CD 4 ...

Apparently something includes pcmciautils w/o including its deps, which
seems very broken of debian-cd to do.

see shy jo

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