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About RockRidge

Hi folks,

About RockRidge

I have been searching around on "man mkzftree", "man mkisofs", etc.
including googling around for examples in applying -ZF options to
compress the directories and files, to create ISO image and to burn as
well as to decompress the directories and files.  But I could not find
them.  Could you please shed me some light. Pointers would be

My purpose using RockRidge is retaining oringal ownership and
permission to solve following problem;

I burnt /home/ of a FC3 box on CDs. /home/ was on its own partition.
Then running LFS LiveCD I copied the CDs on a partition of a new HD
which has 6 partitions. I'm prepared to build LFS-->BLFS on the new HD
applying LFS LiveCD as host. Later I discovered all data after
transferred from the CDs onto the partitions became "read only" and
permission changed from User to Root. Now I need to reinstate their
original state, i.e. Write/Read, User, etc. Either I have to do it
manually or to re-burn the data from /home/ of the FC3 box onto the

Could you folks on the List please shed me some light. TIA


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