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Re: Etch Jigdo Aaargh Errors on CD14 and DVD2

I was able to manually pick up the file that jigdo wouldn't incorporate into Etch CD 14 via the url in the error:

and also with:
wget http://us.cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/snapshot/Debian/pool/main/libc/libcatalyst-plugin-session-fastmmap-perl/libcatalyst-plugin-session-fastmmap-perl_0.12-3_all.deb

So, the file is where it is supposed to be... wget has no problem picking it up...
Where are things failing here???

(BTW - now that I have the file in a local directory... Is there some way to force jigdo to use a specified local file vs. a mirror structure?)
Larry Irwin

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