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Re: Problems with debian-installer

Frans Pop wrote:
> The netinst CD _does_ contain all packages needed to install the base 
> system. When installing using a netinst, you do not need a network 
> connection until after the reboot.

Of course if we do away with base-config that distiction will become a
very fine line.

Sven Luther wrote:
> This is a serious communication problem we have, as many many people seem to
> be stumbling on this problem. netinst is an very unintuitive name for this, as
> it is less networked than both the businesscard and the netboot.
> One solution would be to rename them to base-installation (baseinst), which
> would be more logical, but probably a technical or documentation nightmare at
> this time ? 

Only more logical to people who understand that Debian has a base system
that you might want to only install. To most users the netinst is a
small CD image that then goes and downloads most of Debian from the

I think we should look at whether the businesscard images actually have
any benefit over the mini isos and netinsts, and if not, drop them.
Remember that the businesscard CDs will be the first things from etch
beta1 to break, probably, since they contain the udebs without the debs.
Alternatively, if we can't keep the netinst's size within the limits of
its intended media, we could drop it.

see shy jo

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