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Re: help needed installing Debian

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On 11/03/2005 04:45 PM, Goran Dimovksi wrote:
> Hello every body,

	Hi Goran,

> I have some problems installing Debian.
> I did download  Debian 3.1 i386 netinst. And the systmes is :
> mobo-Tyan S5112 
> CPU-Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz/800Mhz
> HDD--3x250GB SATA conected to 3ware RAID controler card.
> With RAID-5 configured
> memory-2x512Mb DDR nonEcc-nonReg
> That is the configurantion on the system.
> So I boot Debian form the CD, I do the partition, it starts reading and
> uploading the packets.
> But the problem is when it comes to a point (Installing the base system)
> It stops on ' configuring the network...1%'
> Then it freezes on that point and that's it.
> I was wondering is there something that i'm doing wrong or did i missed
> something?
> I do apreciate your help on this one.

	In a first call, it looks like a problem with hardware compatibility
or stuff related, not exactly a bug, so you should try to find more help in
the debian-user@lists.debian.org, that is the right place for support
questions. :)

	debian-cd is focused on the management of CD/DVD images and
everything related to the build and maintainance processes.

	Kind regards,

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