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Re: CD-Pages - HTML strict and new header

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Am 28.10.2005 um 00:16 schrieb Richard Atterer:

as the person who created the CD page design long ago, when the pages were
still hosted on cdimage, I guess I should add my 2¢ (European):

I was a nice work. And it really hurt me removing the bar.

I *really* hope there will be a menu on all pages to navigate around! The
lack of a menu is really the biggest problem I have with the "normal"
Debian page style. (Sorry to repeat myself.)

Let me say: Lack of a good navigation system is the problem.

With the current menu, it's not really clear that the "debian_on_cd" page
is the top-level page for the CD part of the site - maybe it could be
formatted differently to make this clearer? (E.g., indent all the menu
entries of its subpages.)

An additional indent may caus problems in languages with long words. I have done and uploaded a quickfix now. If the tag is changed to something like "CD home", using a <p> the might work until a better solution for the menu div is found.

Maybe the Debian logo should be vertically centered WRT the CD picture?

I have changed the order in the header now and the CD logo moves into the center, if there is enough space in the window. Did not look all languages until now as the build and upload run at night. Better now? The css must be tested with packages.d.o before applying the change.

Thanks for your work! I never thought it possible that someone would
approach the Sysiphus task of addressing the large number of problems that
the website has.

I was not sure, if that was possible, wenn I saw the count of 1.900 errors when validating with HTML strict first time either. But now, that I am down to 161 pages with errors in my local tree, I know that therer are enough problems left to solve...

If you manage to switch to a modern layout one day, with a
graphical redesign, breadcrumbs, decent navigation etc., you'll make me
very happy indeed! :-)

The design will be the heaviest problem. For now I discoverd that two things are important to recognise the pages instantly as Debian: Logo and word debian on the left and the navbar. Something new must have the same high memorability. "Nice" is not enough.

Should I apply the new CD header and menu to the vendors pages, too? The pages will get longer...



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