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Re: CD-Pages - HTML strict and new header

Hello Jutta,

as the person who created the CD page design long ago, when the pages were 
still hosted on cdimage, I guess I should add my 2¢ (European):

Basically, I agree with your changes! I have always been aware of the clash 
WRT the CD design and the design of the rest of the web pages. I agree it's 
not ideal. IMHO it's good to have a distinguishing feature for different 
parts of the site, but this is still present in the form of the CD picture.

I *really* hope there will be a menu on all pages to navigate around! The 
lack of a menu is really the biggest problem I have with the "normal" 
Debian page style. (Sorry to repeat myself.)

With the current menu, it's not really clear that the "debian_on_cd" page 
is the top-level page for the CD part of the site - maybe it could be 
formatted differently to make this clearer? (E.g., indent all the menu 
entries of its subpages.)

Maybe the Debian logo should be vertically centered WRT the CD picture? Or 
at least the baseline of the Debian logo should be slightly (3px?) above 
the low rim of the CD, otherwise the CD appears to "float" around, and does 
not appear to be aligned in any way at all with the Debian logo.

Thanks for your work! I never thought it possible that someone would 
approach the Sysiphus task of addressing the large number of problems that 
the website has. If you manage to switch to a modern layout one day, with a 
graphical redesign, breadcrumbs, decent navigation etc., you'll make me 
very happy indeed! :-)



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