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Re: bittorrent tracker logs

> >I am currently performing some research at Carnegie Mellon University on
> >improving BitTorrent's fault-tolerance and scalability. As a prospective
> >Debian developer, Debian is one of the big driving motivations
> >behind my research, as I feel that the Debian community could benefit
> >very directly from improvements in this field.
> Could you produce a webpage from your research group? I'd be interested in 
> what kind of work you do.

Well, I am not in any type of formal research group. Nor am I doing
research with or similar to other students in my department. You can see
some of the work that my advisor has done, and one of the umbrella
organizations that we fall under:


This is actually a new research idea that I had, that my advisor has
accepted to work on with me. So we have zero history of cool related
research. :-)

> >Even if we can't obtain old logs, perhaps we could arrange for new ones
> >to be kept suitible for these research purposes.
> This could possibly be arranged, I'm Cc:ing the mailinglist to see if 
> anyone has objections.

That would be excelent. Anonymized logs would be fine; for example with
IP addresses replaced with their hashes.

Thanks for the help.


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