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Re: Netinstall CD

On Wednesday 05 October 2005 15:48, Giles Barford wrote:
> When I install debian I often install it using the Netinstall CD using
> serial console and serial console redirection instead of keyboard. 
> Unfortunatly I am having problems with some serial bios when the debian
> splash screen come up.  The splash screen stops the serial console
> redirection from working on certain systems so that i cannot type in
> the string necessary to install the system.  A simple solution to this
> problem is removing the isolinux splash screen from the netinstall CD.
> Unfortunatly when I do this I get the following error "Non-Debian
> CD-ROM detected" during the detect and mount phase of the installation.

That is probably because you forget to include some hidden files that are 
on the original CD in your new copy.

> I therefore have the following questions:
> 1) Does anybody maintain a netinstall CD without a graphical splash
> screen?

Not that I know of.

> 2) If answer to 1 is no does anybody think it might be a good idea?

Suggest you file a wishlist bugreport against debian-installer with the 
reasons why you would like one.

> 3) If answer to 1 is no how does the install process test whether a
> netinstall CD is a debian CD and which files should I modify to make
> the install think that it is.

See above.


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