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Netinstall CD

Hi All,

I am sorry if this ground has been covered before but I could not find anything in the archives and I have not been following this particular list.

When I install debian I often install it using the Netinstall CD using serial console and serial console redirection instead of keyboard. Unfortunatly I am having problems with some serial bios when the debian splash screen come up. The splash screen stops the serial console redirection from working on certain systems so that i cannot type in the string necessary to install the system. A simple solution to this problem is removing the isolinux splash screen from the netinstall CD. Unfortunatly when I do this I get the following error "Non-Debian CD-ROM detected" during the detect and mount phase of the installation.

I therefore have the following questions:

1) Does anybody maintain a netinstall CD without a graphical splash screen?

2) If answer to 1 is no does anybody think it might be a good idea?

3) If answer to 1 is no how does the install process test whether a netinstall CD is a debian CD and which files should I modify to make the install think that it is.


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