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Re: Bits from the CD team: plans for debian-cd v3.0


> 1.  We need to refactor the code; the top-level Makefile is a mess,
>     and there are far too many hacks in the codebase that make it
>     impossible to maintain

I'm looking forward to refactoring :-) I tried to fully understand
debian-cd but failed much to often in the past; now a 'new start' will
give me a chance to perhaps contribute something in future :-)

>  5. More intelligence in debian-cd
>  6. Actual layout of the CDs could be better
>     A much better way would be to check sizes as each file is copied
>     into the temporary tree, and Packages and Sources files generated
>     by copying stanzas in to match. By keeping careful track of how

Great idea - and I think it will not very hard to implement. I did some
kind of this before, just for filling up backup-cds. It was a rather
small python script, that created a temporary destination for the cd and
then started to fill it up with symlinks to the actual files - keeping
track of the amount of data size. If I still have it, I can publish it -
maybe it's useful?

>  9. Are business card ISOs actually useful?
>     CD media is also much more difficult. Do people still think the
>     effort to create these is useful?

They are just nice - tried them out and having them fit on a business
card cd is fun. But for real life a netinst image is much more useful.

> 10. Signed release files
>     Release files, which currently are not signed. Signing these would
>     be good, possibly with a new key held on the machine(s) building
>     official images.

Since I heard that may people dislike this new feature - I think it's
great and a secure way to prove that an image is really an official one.
For me - buliding my own images - I can live with that, since I can use
my key to create signed Release files on my CDs.


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