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Re: cdimages on cdimage.debian.org

I have these downloaded with wget under FreeBSD.

Yes they looks fine, but are tehy also fine? :-D
I have also thinked that these looking fine, but i have burned my cd's with
images of an size over 600MB with purely nothing as content.

Aslo have i double checked what i have made with they images,
i have these Images also checked in an loop-mount and what 
should i say the images 1-5 looks and are fine, also the images from 10 to 14,
but the images from 6-9 have nothing as content.

first step i have considered my bunr-programm, but this was not the bad man,
second i have thinked it was the wget, but the wget wasnt the bad thing....

i don't know what's going wrong, you see me a little bit confused.




2005/7/7, Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com>:
> On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 01:18:20PM +0200, Michael Schuh wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >
> >before three day's i have downloaded the official cd-set-iso-files
> >of the 3.1r0a.
> >
> >I have burned the images on cd's and would install a testsystem.
> >by the indexing of the apt-sources during the installations, should i insert
> >the cd's one by one. this functionality is perfect, but the cd-images
> >6 through 9 or 10 have no content.
> >
> >the Images 6 to 9/10 are big as an cd-iso, but this iso contains no
> >usable data.
> >
> >I have this verified with FreeBSD (the download-machine) and have loop-mounted
> >the images, but they contains nothing.
> >
> >can someone check this and gave me an statement,
> >how this can be.
> The CD images look fine on cdimage.debian.org. How did you download them?
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