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missing cd images


Some of you may be wondering what happened to cdimage.debian.org as some
images are missing there and some others were missing during this last

Well, the answer is that I executed an script wich called rsync with
--delete and removed sarge_d-i and sid_d-i out of cdimage, and then
when trying to restore all that from gluck, I was trying to remove the
little pieces left at cdimage with an rm -rf but I was to tired to
realize that I was writing it at gluck, so I ended up spoiling both
gluck and cdimage.

Luckily, Maswan had a backup of cdimage, so we restored what now are the
rc3 images, thanks Maswan for your great job yesterday with the backups ;-)

The rest of the files should be on their way from gluck right now, only
that due to the load of gluck, it will take some time to complete.

Well, hope that explains the weird things seen at gluck and cdimage. If
anything is not yet clear, just ask.


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