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Re: debian-cd and amd64/pure64 images?

Jan Kesten <debian-lists@the-hidden-realm.de> writes:

> Hello together,
> just a short question before trying myself and probably spending much
> hours of waiting: can I build amd64 cds and dvds with debian-cd? I saw
> many changelog entries and so I'm just about to try to build - anything
> that I must taken care of? Of course, since amd64/prure64 is seperate I
> need to change paths to mirror directory. Anything else?
> TIA,
> Jan

You have to add the doc, tool and indices dirs if you don't have them
in your amd64 mirror. Just copy the official ones as they are no amd64
specific ones (yet?).

Please send success or failure reports to debian-amd64. I don't think
anyone tried building a CD/DVD set in a long while.


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