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I'm working hard, as you can see. I did another installation of a PC today: this time of my main PC, on a new HD of 160 GB, (hdb on first IDE as a slave). The existing HD with the installation via Knoppix was taken out en well kept, I was lucky I did that.
I used the netinst CD en did almost the same things as I did the other day.
Very big was my supprise when I rebooted and was unable to restart WindowsXP. Lilo had not put itself to the MBR, aparently. I managed with the boot-diskette that was made while installing via Knoppix to get into my PC again, but because this diskette did not work for the new installation, I had to put in my old HD for a while.
I thought of trying to install from the first DVD, (kernel 2.6).
All seemed to work until I rebooted. The PC would hang after the message about starting the kernel.
The files on the netinst and on the first DVD do not seem to be the same.
I started all over again (I begin to like to start with an installation) with the new HD and left the decision for GRUB to the system. All worked well and finaly I had an installation, with GNOME although, although in the list of questions, somewhere I answered I preferred Kde. What I discovered while installing already for the 10th or more times (I do not blame anybody, you know, I try to get ackwainted to the system), that is that it is rather unpredictable what question you are going to have to answer each time, and what decisions the installer is going to take by himself. For the domain, for instance, sometimes my provider is filled in, and sometimes nothing at all. While the question is asked which programs you want to be installed, only the desktop can be filled in. All the rest gives an error with a warning screen about files not being present (or something like that, I cannot remember exactly).
Finally, I seem to have a working version, and I'm going to experiment now.

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