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I'm quite new at Linux though I tried a Suse distribution a few years ago.
I became a Debian adept because of my sons (academic - kuleuven).
I had to start with PC's in the DOS-way, in the mid 80's.
I'm trying to get used to the way Linux behaves, and I read a lot of reactions on this site. I allready had a working system on Woody, that was installed by my son (no problem with that) but I am still trying to be self-helping. Afterwards, he installed from Knoppix with knx2hd from the Knoppix-command-line. That worked fine also, and had the great advantage that my hardware was recognized pretty well by Knoppix. Because of the stories that can be read about the new installer, I tried to download some Sarge CD's. Everything works fine. The iso-images 1 to 4 of the CD's came over well (I did not use them, however). Also the jigdo iso DVD image-making worked well for the first DVD (did only try to start from the first DVD and it worked fine). On the second DVD were two missing files. This DVD became not an iso but stayed .tmp, so I could not burn that DVD. (Belgian mirror)
One of the missing files was about the bank of America.
I also downloaded the iso file of the netinst CD (100 MB) and burnt it to CD.
With this CD I tried to install Debian on a PC with two HD (40 and 20 GB).
The installer did a marvelous job!!!
The network (DHCP) was recognized and I could choose between the mirrors (I choose for kuleuven, of course).
The only problem I had is with GRUB, that was installed during installation.
When rebooting I got the messages:

Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM: Failure   (of course, the CD was removed)
GRUB Loading stage1.5.

GRUB loading, please wait
Error 18.

Then, the PC hanged.
I reinstalled, but instead of GRUB, I choose for LILO.
The system rebooted and gave me a command line, like it should.

I afterwards installed X with:

apt-get install x-window-system kde (found that at www.metaconsultancy.com)

Do not reboot between the install of de x-window and kde, because you will not be able to find commands.
I did so and had to reinstall, because I did not know better.
Afterwards I added:

apt-get install mozilla-firefox mozilla-thunderbird

When I rebooted, I got a working Debian system, with X-window, a browser and a mail program.
Found a nice text also at www.projektfarm.com.
Of course there are the installation guides, but sometimes it is easier to follow the steps of someone who has done the same thing that you would like to do yourself.
Let us try to get used to Debian now.

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