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Re: www.einval.com down?

Steve McIntyre wrote:

> Sorry, try it again now. We had a power outage yesterday that knocked
> things out.

Works fine now, thank you :-) And I already compiled a patched version
of mkisofs and doing some images with my old script - seems to work fine.

But I checked out jte_support branch from debian-cd and tried building a
set of images, but it complains about a missing file? But my old
(hand-patched) version does not? And idea what could be wrong?

--- SNIP ---

WARNING: Using sid bootdisk documentation
Making the binary CDs bootable ...
set -e; \
 for file in /srv/ftp/tmp/sarge-i386/*.packages; do \
        dir=${file%%.packages}; \
        n=${dir##/srv/ftp/tmp/sarge-i386/}; \
        dir=/srv/ftp/tmp/sarge-i386/CD$n; \
        if [ -f /home/ifjke/debian-cd/tools/boot/sarge/boot-i386 ]; then \
            cd /srv/ftp/tmp/sarge-i386; \
            echo "Running tools/boot/sarge/boot-i386 $n $dir" ; \
            /home/ifjke/debian-cd/tools/boot/sarge/boot-i386 $n $dir; \
        else \
            if [ "${IGNORE_MISSING_BOOT_SCRIPT:-0}" = "0" ]; then \
                echo "No script to make CDs bootable for i386 ..."; \
                exit 1; \
            fi; \
        fi; \
Running tools/boot/sarge/boot-i386 1 /srv/ftp/tmp/sarge-i386/CD1
cp: cannot stat
floppy/asian-root.img': No such file or directory
make: *** [/srv/ftp/tmp/sarge-i386/bootable-stamp] Error 1
--- SNIP ---

asian-root.img is not there that's right - but why does my old patched
copy work?


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