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sarge dvd and jigdo

I'm having problems in finishing the build process of the sarge dvd with
jigdo. I did that several times without troubles but this last two weeks i
failed both the times.
The problem is that there are some missing files in the mirror. Ok, it
could happen but as i see from the output from jigdo the server:


is never contacted... maybe because 34 files are too much?

So i forced jigdo to use:


specifying it as the mirror to use but it finds only 1 file, the others are
still missing, an example:

the template searches for

but in the snapshot there is:

an older version ?!

well, i go on with the faq and the solution seems to be using rsync but, if
i've understood, i need an already made dvd iso to rsync on and it seems
that there are no weekly dvd iso on the servers with rsync, only cd

so now i'm at a dead point. I can wait till next snapshot but if it fails

Another possible problem i found:
recently i've played with isdnutils and in one of its files there's this

# The (dummy) IP addresses
# Use for LOCALIP and for REMOTEIP if you have
# dynamic IP addresses; with static address fill in the real values!

with these directions an interface ippp0 with address is
created but:
host gluck.debian.org
gluck.debian.org has address

so that address is detected as a local address if the device is started and
gluck is unreachable. Maybe i misenterpreted that comment but it caused me
some headache.


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