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Using NetInst CD with local apt-move repository

 Hi All,

I've been googling for answers and trying like mad for a few days to
create a custom Debian Netinst CD that will point to my local
repository.  My local repository was created with apt-move and has a
very small set of packages from debian/testing.  I don't need anything
as grand as FAI, as this install CD just needs to point to a local
repository and not do total automation.

I've tried the vanilla netinst mini-cd from debian/testing, but when I
get to the part where you choose a mirror of the debian archive and I
go to "enter information manually" and correctly enter the location of
my repository, it gives me a "Bad archive mirror" error.  The error
stated that either the archive is unavailable (which it's not) or has
a bad Release file.  I checked my archive and it does have a Release
file created by apt-move, but obviously this isn't enough.  Is there
something I need to do extra to my local archive that apt-move is not
doing to make it a "Good archive mirror"?

I also made my own CD by downloading the files under
/debian/dists/testing/main/installer-i386/current/images/cdrom and
preparing isolinux.  With that CD all goes well while choosing
language, etc., then the installer gives me the error "Non-Debian
CD-ROM Detected" and it won't go any further.  What is that all about?
 Why won't it go further because it's not an official Debian CD?  I've
searched the mailing lists and I see lots of stuff out there about
custom debian CD's, but everything I've seen has been refering to a
custom kernel or adding additional drivers for special hardware.  Any
pointers at all on getting a net install to work with a private (i.e.
local) little repository would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

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