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Re: confused by recent debian-cd changes

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Joey Hess wrote:
| Before I throw anymore pennies down the well that is debian-cd, let me
| make sure I understand how it's supposed to work vs. how people seem to
| want it to work based on recent modifications.

Speaking of which, could this 'interesting situation' be why I've been
having so much trouble trying to get d-i + debian-cd working, and being
such a pita along the way (aside from character flaws that is)?

|  - tasks/base-sarge is regenerated periodically by the code fragement
|    at the top of the file, to track changes in debootstap
|  - tasks/debian-installer is generated by tools/generate_di_list, which
|    needs to run on a full debian mirror
|  - tasks/debian-installer+kernel likewise
|  - these tasks/ files, though machine generated, are kept in cvs for
|    ill-defined reasons, possibly because not everyone has a full mirror.

I don't have a full mirror, nor the bandwidth to get one, but it seems
to me that perhaps the machine generated files should only be included
in the binary packages rather than in cvs (if that's possible - I
haven't done debian packages yet, though once I get a d-i cd working
that's the next step)

With xmas and new year's over and after wednesday, I should have time to
~ devote to debian, and hopefully I can figure out why d-i doesn't like
me.  I'm starting again from scratch as I suspect the issues are a
result of the trying to figure things out period of time.
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