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Sargent Install problems


I've been unable to get the Sargent cd images to install. (Booting from CD works good.)

1) Even when expert26 is selected it comes up in stupid mode.

2) From 'Debian Installer Main Menu' selecting: Check CD-ROM's integrity, yields "... is not a valid Debian CD-ROM". (Downloaded from ftp://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/cd-images/debian-weekly/i386/) Other's from Debian are pretty much the same. None work. (Woody installs but is of no interest to me.)

3)  The message screen gives something like:
      anna[3634]: /cdrom/dists//Release
      anna[3634]: no such file or directory

   Release is in /cdrom/dists/sargent/Release.

I need very much to get sargent (recent version of linux+GNU+....) installed on a laptop to demo some software I'm developing. My internet access is high-speed and can download anything I need as long as it'll work. (Will copying /cdrom/dists/sargent/Release to /cdrom/dists correct the problem or will I just encounter more.) I had identical problems with the netinstall package, and sarge CD 1 and 2.

Obviously sargent should be between the // in dists//Release. Is this an easy/quick fix? Is there a quick work around I can do myself more quickly. (I still use dselect as a preferred install method once things are running, but don't know much about the initial install stuff.)

Thank you very much.


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