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Re: Do i have a bad iso image?


* Wayne Ward <infotechsys@pivot.net> [040817 15:40]:

> I use jigdo-easy to download the iso image from the debian site and I
> use suse 8.2 release with kde to burn my cd.  [..] The file name in
> the diertory cdrom is -  debian-30rev2-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso.

You have a good download. jigdo does checks the md5sum and will give you
an error message, if something went wrong. But:
You burned it wrong.
You need too look for something »burn iso-image« or »burn image-file«.
The .iso is a file, which should be burned 1:1 on the disc. Sorry, I
can't give you further advise, since I don't use KDE and don't know how
to burn an iso image there, but you might be interessted to read

Yours sincerely,

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