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Do i have a bad iso image?

I use jigdo-easy to download the iso
image from the debian site and I use
suse 8.2 release with kde to burn my
cd.The download was 650m and the tree
on the cd shows three directroies. One
is cdrom, where I find the iso
image, the other directory is floppy,
this is empty, and I have cdrecorder
which is also empty. The file name
in the diertory cdrom is -  debian-30rev2-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso.
The cpu that I'm trying to does not
have anything os install on it.When
I put the cd in and set my bios to
boot from my cd all i get the word
GRUB on the screen.No matter what
I do nothing happens.Even though
jigdo-easy seems to think(?) I have
a good download, do I?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
particular if you could point me to
documents that would tell me what i'm
doing wrong.

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