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Re: revising the first cd contents...

hi folks, I was tracking your conversation and just decide to ask about popularity-contest, not sure how long it was started but I participate in it and certanly some folks as well so I guess soon this data would be used to put most popular programs on the first CD and it would also let determine whenver Gnome or KDE is used more amongst Debian folks and which one or both should be placed on the first CD. just my 0.02$

PS anyone know if results from popularity-contest published somwhere?

Joey Hess wrote:

Chris Cheney wrote:
"kde-core" is enough to get KDE running, it includes arts/kdelibs/kdebase,
but it doesn't include any of the other official KDE packages. It does
include basic apps like kate, konqueror and konsole. The "kde" package
installs the full official KDE release, but doesn't include 3rd party
apps they are included in the "kde-extras" package instead.

Would the KDE people be satisfied if the first debian CD installed a KDE
that was only kde-core for the desktop task? Installs from more than
just the first CD would include all of KDE as they do now, and could
even include the kde-extras stuff if you want me to add it.

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