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revising the first cd contents...


We have a problem with the first cd as we don't even have any xserver there,
so I'm trying to go through that and as I don't have much experience with
deiban-cd code myself, I'll try to comment here things that look weird to me
or that I think should be changed.

The target should be to have really the packages we and our users want on
the first cd, for example, Joey Hess wanted the desktop task to be
available, but this task depends on both x-window-system-core, kde and
gnome. Testing on a newly base installed bachine, tells me that installing
desktop task needs to download 353 MB, and we know that our netinst cds
(debian installer + base) is already 110 MB in size, adding them would mean
465 megs, leaving almost 200 megs free for other stuff, not bad at all, but
are this real numbers for our dear debian-cd? I don't think so.

The thing is that on the netinst cds we just have the base stuff, but on
full cds we have all the standard system, and also we add recommends and
suggests, and also that we have a forcd1 task that adds stuff to cd1 and
doesn't add the packages needed for the desktop task.

I have done some tests and we can have on our first cd both
x-window-system-core, kde-core and gnome-core as well as all the stuff we
add in forcd1 task, this is using normal options, adding recommends and
suggests. Note that I added -core versions of kde and gnome, and not the
full kde and gnome, which wouldn't fit. I don't know however if this would
give good contents for this cd.

Trying to add full kde and gnome (not the -core stuff) resulted on not
fitting on the first cd, not even if I choose just kde or gnome and not
both. This is however adding recommends and suggests.

I've done some different tests, this are some numbers I got from them:

Normal build (with recommends and suggests):
Standard system already takes 481498058 bytes on the first CD.
Trying to add x-window-system-core...
$cd_size = 524856070, $size = 25958248
Trying to add gnome-core...
$cd_size = 550814318, $size = 81092036
Trying to add kde-core...
$cd_size = 631906354, $size = 10605184

Modified build (without recommends and suggests):
Standard system already takes 424595680 bytes on the first CD.
Trying to add x-window-system-core...
$cd_size = 500982974, $size = 25958248
Trying to add gnome-core...
$cd_size = 526941222, $size = 34316326
Trying to add kde-core...
$cd_size = 561257548, $size = 44965402

As you can see, removing recommends and suggests get's us 36 megs of space
on the first cd. The increment in size on adding kde-core to the modified
build with respect to the normal build, is caused because in a normal build
gnome's suggests and recommends pull a lot of thing on which kde depends,
like qt.

Other numbers taken from a freshly installed base from sarge:

installing x-window-system-core gnome and kde (task desktop) downloads 353 MB
installing x-window-system-core will download 43 MB
installing x-window-system-core + gnome will download 197 MB
installing x-window-system-core + kde will download 215 MB

Well, that is the data I've got, maybe it is not too usefull, I know this,
but it is all I could get in this last days (not too much free time lately
and less time in the future).

I'd like you to express your opinion on how we should build, what we should
have on forcd1 task, if we should build with or without recommends and
suggests (this doesn't mean that recommended and sugested packages aren't
put on the cds, just that we don't try to pull them in with the package that
suggests them, so they are added later), ...

Now a couple of comments and doubts I have on our builds:

First one:

When we build rawlist we do:

        $(Q)if [ -x "/usr/sbin/debootstrap" -a _$(INSTALLER_CD) != _1 ]; then \
                /usr/sbin/debootstrap --arch $(ARCH) --print-debs $(CODENAME) \
                | tr ' ' '\n' >>$(BDIR)/rawlist; \

But then task base-sarge, included from Debian_sarge, is generated using:

for arch in alpha arm i386 ia64 m68k powerpc sparc mips mipsel hppa s390
    echo "#ifdef ARCH_$arch"
    debootstrap --arch $arch --print-debs $CODENAME | tr ' ' '\n' | grep -v "^$"
    echo "#endif"
    echo ""

So I'm asking myself if the data which is supposed to be included in
base-sarge is not already included in rawlist and even more up to date as it
is built on runtime not like base-sarge which dates from debootstrap 0.2.23,
if so... why is base-sarge needed at all?

Second one:

I have one question about this tasks, how is forcd1 generated?

Is forcd1 for sarge? for any release?

Shouldn't it be different for each release? maybe a name like forcd1-sarge
and some purging, additions, reordering, ... here should be in place?

Third one:

We are building with contrib, like we have done in the past, how about
adding contrib just to the last media? after all main has gone in?

I think this is not posible with current debian-cd, anybody wanting to make
the modifications to allow this?

Feel free to sugest and/or comment whatever you want, I'd like to hear
whatever people has to say about all this.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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