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Re: revising the first cd contents...

I wrote:
> Maybe part of the problem is that the standard system takes 459 MB on
> the CD. I've had problems in this area with preparing debian-edu CDs as
> well; once the standard system is included, there is just not much space
> left on the CD for interesting stuff.
> I didn't think standard was supposed to be so big. In a clean chroot, if
> I do a tasksel -irsn (install important, required, standard only), it
> downloads 52 mb. There are less than 100 mb used for the base system on
> a netinst CD. So what are the other 300+ mb that is included in "standard"?

I've attached the list of packages that is being added as "standard" to
the i386 sarge cd #1. Indeed, if I tell apt to install this list of
packages in a clean chroot, it wants to download 386 mb of files. If I
remove the kernel images and kernel-pcmcia-modules, that drops to a
reasonable 55 mb. So Josselin was right.

If I only remove the old 2.4.25 and 2.6.5 kernels, that saves 159 mb.
I think this would be a good first step; we don't need old kernels on
the CD. Would 159 mb be enough saved space to fit the desktop task?

Could we remove the optimised kernels? That would reduce the size to 92
mb, and give us space for a full desktop environment, easily. This would
then be the same as the netinst CDs, which only contain the i386 kernel.

see shy jo

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