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Re: revising the first cd contents...

Le mer, 23/06/2004 à 21:57 -0400, Joey Hess a écrit :
> I don't know if kde-core and gnome-core are sufficient to get a working
> kde and gnome environment. I doubt it, especially for KDE, but if they
> are I can make tasksel install them, and pull in the full kde and gnome
> only if it's available. KDE and GNOME people, please let us know.

The "gnome" metapackage is for an overblown desktop with all options.
The official GNOME release is in the "gnome-desktop-environment"
package. To get numbers, maybe you should look at sid as there are some
changes with GNOME 2.6.

> I didn't think standard was supposed to be so big. In a clean chroot, if
> I do a tasksel -irsn (install important, required, standard only), it
> downloads 52 mb. There are less than 100 mb used for the base system on
> a netinst CD. So what are the other 300+ mb that is included in "standard"?

Maybe the kernel images? I remember they can be pretty big...

> > installing x-window-system-core gnome and kde (task desktop) downloads 353 MB
> > installing x-window-system-core will download 43 MB
> > installing x-window-system-core + gnome will download 197 MB
> > installing x-window-system-core + kde will download 215 MB
> Well, that kind of raises the question: Maybe it's time to put just one
> of KDE or GNOME on the first CD. How would we make such a decision though?
> I'm not interested in large flamewars.

Still, making d-i+standard less than 350 MB should be enough to make the
whole fit in a 700MB CD. It should be possible to reduce that base size
somehow (otherwise there is something broken here).
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