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Re: 700 MB media

[Steve McIntyre]
> It costs us very little to generate two sets, and then we can leave
> the decision of which ISOs to distribute up to the people that do
> it. The long-mooted cgi script to generate ISOs on the fly from
> jigdo files would also help here. I'm going to have a look at that
> shortly.

Actually, the cost of having multiple overlapping choices cost more
then just the storage are and build time.

It cost user confusion (which CD should I fetch), and documenteation
effort (hopefully the answer to the question "which CD should I
fetch").  It also cost the distributors extra effort, as they would
like to have both kinds of CDs in stock to be able to give those that
ask for it the CD they want.

For all these logistic reasons I believe we should have as few CD sets
as possible.  50 MB of extra storage isn't worth the extra confusion
and hassle.

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