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JTE 1.3 & debian-cd test branch

I've finished version 1.3. See


for downloads etc.

Changes in this version:

 * Fixed a silly bug in 1.2 where mkisofs would crash without jigdo
 * Cleaned up mipsel boot code
 * More cosmetic changes to the .jigdo file

I've modified a copy of debian-cd locally to use my new code to create
bootable DVD images as jigdo files. On my home system sledge (1.7GHz
Athlon, 512MB RAM, fast SCSI disks) I can do the whole debian-cd run
to create these DVD jigdo files in about 25 minutes per architecture.
A full run of CDs will take about the same time.

I'd like to create a branch in debian-cd CVS to check this lot in so
other people can test this out - comments?

I've also put the .jigdo and .template files up for download in case
people would like to have a look, see


Almost everything seems to be fine in these images as far as I can
tell. As I've been experimenting, non-US files are jigdo-ignored
(i.e. in the templates) in these files, so they're a little bigger
than normal at the moment. The only problem I have is that the m68k
and powerpc images are too big - DVD 1 in each case has overflowed to
over 5 billion bytes. Maybe there's a bug in the new jigdo code there;
I'm investigating it now.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"I can't ever sleep on planes ... call it irrational if you like, but I'm
 afraid I'll miss my stop" -- Vivek Dasmohapatra

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