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Re: Bug#253033: installation-reports

On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 11:11:39PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
>Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> Hmmm. That wasn't very successful. Netcfg loaded fine off the CD, but
>> only after I loaded it by hand. The 3c59x driver for the network card
>> in the test machine just didn't get loaded.
>> Looking at the *nic* .udebs on the image, they seem quite old (9th
>> May); is that normal?
>So I had a look at this CD. It seems to have a rather old d-i initrd on
>it, with a 2.4.25 kernel. This is a problem, since all the kernel udebs
>on the CD are for the 2.4.26 kernel. I noticed when partman didn't have
>support for the ext3 filesystem, since ext3-modules was not loaded as
>there was no version for 2.4.25 on the CD. Your nic modules problem is
>probably the same.

Ah, yes. That would explain why I couldn't load the nic drivers.

>The initrd on the CD is version 20040429, which is the one for d-i
>beta4. I don't know why the full CDs are being built against the beta4
>initrds, but this is a problem.
>I told jigdo to use
>and my iso has a md5sum of f0b66636c58c4d2e455f26db5519bff5.

Yup, same image as me.

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