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Re: JTE (Jigdo Template Export) v1.0

On Jun 07 2004, Richard Atterer wrote:
> Yes, but once you can use the cache, mkisofs needn't even read the file
> data anymore. It could just skip over the file, output the filename to the
> .jte and leave the rest to jigdo-file. I can imagine that image creation
> would be a matter of 30 seconds that way...

Wow, this would really speed things up a lot.

BTW... now that you are at this, I remember talking to Richard about a
warning in the dvd creation logs, because of files over the 4 gigas, and
indeed I think that we are having some kind of trouble with jigdo creation
on dvds, as the templates for i386 dvds sum around 265 megs where the
templates for the cds sum under 15 megs.

Richard: I remember that you were about to put out a new version of jigdo
that could help in this, how is this going?

Well, I'm commenting all these because DVDs are really going to be important
for our distro in the near future, whether it is in 4.7 gigs dvd format or
even bigger to allow us to distribute sarge on a single double layer media

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