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Re: Debian DVD

On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 07:49:57AM +0200, Jan Kesten wrote:
> Just a remark: I didn't know that you were using Windows to do so, so
> there is a problem with big files >2GB and so downloading a DVD image
> might not work. It's some time a go I visited Richards website, but
> perhaps there is a newer version of jigdo for windows..

I'm afraid creating DVD images under Windows is still not possible. Only
last week, I tried recompiling jigdo with a newer mingw cross-compiler, but
this didn't help. Either we'll have to wait for mingw gcc 3.4 or (if I find
the time, which is unfortunately unlikely) I'll change the code not to use
the C++ library for writing the image.



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