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Jim was in the yard opening the gate. He stood and watched as we threw the bags in the trunk.Jim was in the yard opening the gate. He stood and watched as we threw the bags in the trunk.Nice titties huh, Billy? He winked at me. Mind you, with Cath pregnant you'll be doing all right soon, won't you?Congratulations. Oh, and you, Bill, of course.I held my arms wide. He put his around me, but there was no softness to him. He pushed me away and rubbed his sleeve across his eyes. We stood facing each other. I tried to think of something to say to get him to laugh, imagined his face breaking into one of the gap-toothed smiles that used to dazzle the girls: nothing came.I would have made it anyway. All a man needs is a little ambition.This is just fantasyland, Jim, I said. Frannie's been in the business for decades. His father started Petersen's back in the fifties for God's sake. Now he's closing the mill because it's not profitable and you're going to turn it around?He was kneading
  the scar like he wanted to push it back under the skin.You did what? she said.Jim pulled open the fridge.

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