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Re: Debian DVD

"Marco Terzuoli" <marco.terzuoli@libero.it> writes:

> Hi
> I am due to download the latest Debian release but, before doing so, would
> like to know if there is, in addition to the 7 CD version, a DVD version,
> which would be more comfortable. If not, is there any plan to make a DVD
> version of Debian in the future?
> Thank you
> Marco

Unless you want to produce CDs for sale or give-away or have to
install a system without network access you should never download the
ISOs. And even then you might start with the first 1-3 CDs and see
whats missing and get those manually. Downloading all CDs wastes a lot
of bandwith on things you don't need.

If you just want to install a Debian system on a coputer with network
access just download the first CD, burn it, install it. After the
initial setup debian can download the specific software you need
directly without the need of burning CDs. Using the network is
probably the most prefered method under Debian.


PS: There are also small netinstall images for stable ranging from 30
to 300Mb in size. I suggest trying out one of those.

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