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Re: Pointer to stable release (for jigdo download) just chnaged ?

On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 03:26:24PM -0000, Euan McMaster wrote:
> Do I need to start again and redownload ISOs .1 .1-NONUS .2 ..3  .4 .5
> .6 .7 and debian-update-3.0r2 or will the 3.0r2 update apply correctly
> to the older (dec '02) ISO images I've got now.

As the CD FAQ says, update CDs work for all previous revisions, so you can 
use the rev2 update CDs both with rev1 and rev0 CDs.

> Also, is there a list somewhere of what each CD contains so that I can
> avoid downloading stuff I don't need. 

You can look inside the .jigdo files with "zless" to see a list of the 
files on the respective CD.



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