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Pointer to stable release (for jigdo download) just chnaged ?

Title: Pointer to stable release (for jigdo download) just chnaged ?


Until a few minutes ago the url for jigdo download of stable release was pointing to the 3.0_r1 directory tree.

I just spent about 24 hours downloading all the ISO images (but failed on the debian-update-3.0r1 because of missing files.

When I went back to retry, I found the pointer now points to the 3.0_r2 directory tree and that the sizes of the template files therein are very different.

Do I need to start again and redownload ISOs .1 .1-NONUS .2 ..3  .4 .5 .6 .7 and debian-update-3.0r2 or will the 3.0r2 update apply correctly to the older (dec '02) ISO images I've got now.

Also, is there a list somewhere of what each CD contains so that I can avoid downloading stuff I don't need.

Regards, Euan

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