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Re: Future of debian-cd

> Now, I'd like to hear from you :
> - what are your (constructive) critics against debian-cd ?

Since debian-cd is no longer available to the public, it is very difficult
to test currently. Maybe someone could provide a current .deb package for
testing or unstable, so people can actually try out the most recent version.

> - what design ideas do you have for a possible rewrite ?
> - what do you think of what i've written above ?

DVD worked fine for 3.0r1/i386 (large ISO9660), I don't know about other 
architectures and I could not check this for 3.0r2 yet.
Are the "maintainers" of the "testing" and "unstable" CDs/DVD images
still using debian-cd or something else ?

> - how do you think we should proceed ? should I start from a completely
>   new repository and import only what I want to keep ? should we work in
>   a branch of the actual repository ?

For me, it was a bit difficult to follow all the source code and understand
about including and excluding packages. Maybe a central documentation file
for people who want to help modify or extend debian-cd would be great.
While bash is not the best programming language, I can't think of a more
suitable one; maybe Perl.

Bernd Hentig

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