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unneccessary files on sarge netinst cds and other problems

I hope to get the netinst CDs to a size that can be used with d-i on a
128 MB USB memory stick again. It's currently too big now. There's a lot
of cruft on there --

 - The following packages are present on the netinst CD, but are not
   installed as part of the base system, and so are not really needed
   on it. Most notable is all the MTAs; exim4 is the default MTA and
   only it is needed. Simularly, we only need one awk, not three, only
   one inetd, not two, only one init system, not two.
     libdb4.1 (perl uses 4.0 which is also present)
 - Many many udebs are present on the netinst CD, but will not be
   used by d-i, or are part of the d-i initrd, and so only take up
   space on the CD. I have attached two commented lists of these udebs.
 - The highly confusing diagrams in README.{txt,html} about setting up
   apt are all unnecessary; the installer sets up apt for the user.
 - The README.mirrors.{txt,html} is not particularly useful, since the
   debian installer will walk the user through setting up apt to use a
 - The README.non-US, becauses being very outdated (says we cannot
   export ssh for example), is useless as this CD contains no non-US
   items, and I doubt any for sarge will, as non-us is essentially now
   for oprhaned software and a very few packages with patent problems.
 - The doc/install directory is pretty much useless, since it
   documents the boot floppys and not d-i. d-i has not finished its
   documentation, but I suppose you could replace all this stuff with
   our INSTALLATION-HOWTO document for now.
 - Much of the other stuff in the doc/ directory is only of use to
   developers and sociologist (constitution.txt), is better documented
   on the web (bug-*, mailing-lists.txt), does not apply to
   this release of debian (dedication-2.2*), does not apply to this CD
   (source-unpack.txt; no source here), would better be shipped as a
   debian package (debian-keyring.tar.gz).
 - With isolinux, the /install/cdrom.gz is used, which means that
   /install/cdrom-image.img is useless, and it wastes 2.9 mb.
 - /install/floppy-initrd.gz is 100% useless
 - /tools/README.tools documents directories that do not exist. The
   /tools/REAMDE seems sufficient without README.tools.
 - /tools/src seems useless, why include source on a minimal netinst CD?
 - Contents-i386.gz is huge, and confusingly documents files that are in
   packages not on the CD. I say remove it. 
 - The dists/sarge/contrib directory exists, but has only empty Packages
   files etc in it. The installer does not use or enable contrib, this
   should be removed from the netinst cds, which should never need to
   have non-free or contrib packages on thhem.
 - dists/sarge/main/source exists, but is empty. If there is not source
   on a CD, the directory should not be present.
 - I don't get the point of having both Packages and Packages.gz on the
   same CD. We somehow save space by including a duplicate compressed
   copy? All tools should be able to deal with uncompressed Packages
   files, or, better, compressed ones.

Other problems:

 - The d-i syslinux help screens are not used. You'll find these inside
   our cdrom-image.img file as distributed by the d-i project. The
   current help screens do not properly document debian-installer's
   command line parameters, copyright, etc, etc.
 - The boot.bat passes obsolete parameters, like init=/linuxrc, which
   will not work with d-i anymore.
 - There might be a reason for including cd_drivers-image.img,
   so floppy images can be made and used to boot a system that cannot
   boot CD, but then it should also include the scsi_drivers floppy
   image for similar reasons, and does not.
 - dists/{frozen,stable,unstable} all incorrectly point to sarge;
   we currently have ugly hacks in d-i to avoid this confusing d-i,
   and would like to remove them, and these extra symlinks, please.
 - On i386, pcmcia-kernel-modules-{all kernels on CD}.deb should be
   included. Otherwise users will not be able to use pcmcia.

see shy jo

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