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Re: 3.0_r2 update CDs broken?

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 06:15:24AM +0100, Ingo Saitz wrote:
>I downloaded the debian-update-3.0r2-i386.iso with jigdo from
>non-us.cdimage.d.o and noticed that all package files in dists/ are
>zero-sized. You need to regenerate this image to be useful with apt-get.
>The md5sum of the broken debian update iso is
>    3651b17f5b1cc389e6414e311b31edff  debian-update-3.0r2-i386.iso
>but you probably should check !i386, too. The sources iso seems ok,
>You can check without rootaccess by using isoinfo (packet mkisofs, source
>    isoinfo -lR -i debian-update-3.0r2-i386.iso
>I also downloaded the debian-update-3.0r2-src.iso which looks correct. I
>did not download the update cd for other arches so I couldn't check.
>They semm not too good tistributed, at least no mirror in .de has them.

Bollocks, yes. You're right. I'm checking through my copies now to see
what went wrong with the Packages files, which are empty for all

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