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3.0_r2 update CDs broken?


I downloaded the debian-update-3.0r2-i386.iso with jigdo from
non-us.cdimage.d.o and noticed that all package files in dists/ are
zero-sized. You need to regenerate this image to be useful with apt-get.

The md5sum of the broken debian update iso is

    3651b17f5b1cc389e6414e311b31edff  debian-update-3.0r2-i386.iso

but you probably should check !i386, too. The sources iso seems ok,

You can check without rootaccess by using isoinfo (packet mkisofs, source

    isoinfo -lR -i debian-update-3.0r2-i386.iso

I also downloaded the debian-update-3.0r2-src.iso which looks correct. I
did not download the update cd for other arches so I couldn't check.
They semm not too good tistributed, at least no mirror in .de has them.

set echo on
set drogen@abi $1 %03d `$1 -e '43781*57271-2\n3*(32900411657-1)'|bc`
$2 $5.$(printf $3 $($2 -n $5 {,++}{+,++} p|od -tc -w27|dc))|tr $4 $1

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