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Re: Installation der offiziellen testing Distribution

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 06:18:27PM +0100, Martin Zabel wrote:

Martin's question is:

  On the website it says (I wrote this >6 months ago!):
    Booting/installing is currently not possible with "testing"/"unstable"
    CDs - only use for upgrades from stable.
  Which CD images does this apply to?

At the time I wrote it, this was true for all testing/unstable CDs. Does
anybody know whether the CDs became installable again with the old
installer later?

Anyway, only a couple of days ago a first alpha release of the new Debian
installer was made available, see

To my knowledge, this installer has not yet made its way into the 
auto-generated CDs, but with some luck, this might change in the next 

However, Martin, I'd recommend against waiting for this to happen - just do
the usual thing of installing stable first and then upgrading.
Alternatively, do a Knoppix-on-HD install, this gives you a fairly
up-to-date Debian system.



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