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corrupted "sarge-i386-1.jigdo" file ???

Hi everybody,

After a few hours trying to complete my download I found the following error (at least I think it's one)

There seems to be an wrong package request in the file:

The obsolete package would be:
My temporary image "sarge-i386-1.iso.tmp" already has the 0.10 version of this package:

And of course the 0.9 version is not on the servers... so I couldn't complete the image (and I didn't succeed to complete it with "rsync" neither, <sigh!>)

I'm not sure it's the appropriate list to report that, and I'm not expert enough to know if the problem really comes from the jigdo file... but reporting doesn't hurt and it I would like a clue to finalize my image if possible. Is it enough to change the extension from ".iso.tmp" to ".iso" or I do need to make some changes?

Thank you very much!


PS: I'm not in this list. In case you want to reply me, can you add me in CC please?

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